Frequently Asked Questions

<p>Where does Fretless Buy offer its services?</p>

<p>The marketplace is currently available for buying and selling in the United States only.</p>

<p>You can buy and sell by signing up for a free Fretless Buy account. Click Sign Up at the top of the page to get started.</p> <p>When creating your first listing for sale, you will also be prompted to connect your account to Stripe, which is used to distribute payments when your items sell.</p>

<p>Listing an item for sale is completely free. Once an item sells, a commission fee equal to 5% of the sale total, and a $0.30 transaction fee, are charged. These charges are automatically taken from the sale amount before transferring the remaining money to the seller.</p>

<p>To maintain a marketplace with low fees, Fretless Buy does not currently offer an integrated shipping service. However, there are good options for buying discount shipping labels online, such as Pirate Ship ( and ShipNerd ( Many of these services allow you to purchase shipping insurance; we recommend insuring your shipments.</p>

<p>When you choose the pickup option, the seller’s chosen pickup address will be shown after purchasing. You should send a message to the seller to coordinate a time for you to pick up the item.</p>

<p>Sellers decide the return policy for each item they list. This policy should be shown on an item’s listing page. If there is an issue with an item (e.g., worse condition than described) within the seller’s return period, message the seller through Fretless Buy and provide images showing the issue (including damaged packaging if applicable). If the seller does not honor their return policy, contact Fretless Buy Support so that we can help you.</p> <p>Note that under a typical return policy, the buyer pays for return shipping.</p>

<p>To avoid issues after the sale, always choose the condition of your item accurately. Also include in your listing an honest description of any defects and/or modifications, plus images that clearly show them.</p> <p>Here is a guide to the different item conditions.</p> <p>Brand New (With Manufacturer’s Warranty): the item is new, in an unopened box, and is sold with the original manufacturer’s warranty by an authorized dealer.</p> <p>Like New: the item is in perfect condition and has not been modified in any way.</p> <p>Excellent: the item is used, but has extremely minor cosmetic defects. The defects do not affect function at all.</p> <p>Very Good: the item has some noticeable cosmetic defects, but they do not affect function at all.</p> <p>Decent: the item has major cosmetic defects, but it is fully or nearly fully functional. At most, minor repairs are needed to make the item fully functional.</p> <p>Poor: the item has obvious functional defects. Moderate to major repairs are needed to make the item fully functional.</p> <p>Not Functional: the item does not work. Major repairs and/or purchase of significant replacement parts are needed to make the item functional.</p>